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The new My Bloody Valentine album just came out

Two decades after releasing the widely beloved, almost universally praised classic of beautifully nauseating psychedelic loudness Loveless, My Bloody Valentine just, y'know, casually released a follow-up via its website. When MBV mastermind Kevin Shields starting dropping hints last week about the album's imminent release, there was plenty of reason to doubt him: Rumors of a follow-up have popped up infrequently over the years before Camp Shields always went quiet again. And though we haven't downloaded it yet, a new album—titled simply mbv—is for sale over at the band's website. Apparently a crush of fans trying to download it knocked the site offline for a while, but all appears to be well now. We'll get you a review at some point in the next couple of decades, or when the drugs wear off, or Monday or something. Flange! (New song below, too.)

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