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Illustration for article titled The new music video from The Books’ Nick Zammuto was filmed entirely on microscopes

Although found-audio pioneers The Books stopped making their experimental collages together in 2012, member Nick Zammuto has spent the last few years producing (relatively) more traditional pop music with his self-titled band. Both the eponymous first album and the upcoming Anchors have shied away from the heavy sampling that defined Zammuto’s earlier group, but the musician has found a way to keep his “use what you find” aesthetic alive by making a music video for the band’s new single, “The Great Equator.” It’s composed entirely of microscopic images taken of stuff lying around his house.


The video, premiering this week on Motherboard, is made up entirely of well-edited stills and videos taken via scanning electron and dissection microscopes. All of the images—which include magnifications of coins, vinyl records, and magazine photos—were collected personally by Zammuto, who worked as a microscopist for an art conservation lab before he teamed up with cellist Paul de Jong to form The Books in 1999.

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