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The new movie from the team behind Obvious Child is going to Amazon

One of the most anticipated movies out of Sundance this year was Landline, which finds the star and director of 2014’s Obvious Child re-teaming for a ’90s-set period piece. The film will indeed have a life beyond Utah: Variety reports that Amazon has gotten the U.S. rights for the movie from Gillian Robespierre starring Jenny Slate. The film focuses on a—what else?—dysfunctional family, whose members include Edie Falco and John Turturro in addition to Slate.

Assessing it for The A.V. Club, A.A. Dowd said it “feels truthful but a little sitcom-easy; the most distinctive thing about it is that it’s set in 1995, which Robespierre goes overboard underlining, with almost every scene finding a way to work in a Clinton-era cultural reference (Must-see TV!), technology (pay phones!), or music cue (PJ Harvey!).” Last Sundance, Amazon acquired Manchester By The Sea, which got a Best Picture nomination this morning.


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