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The new issue of Fortune reveals more of the Millennium Falcon, kind of

Star Wars fans are still apparently clamoring for images of the new Millennium Falcon used in the upcoming The Force Awakens, despite those leaked set photos, that Bad Robot video showing the Batmobile hiding on the ship’s undercarriage, and the official teaser trailer featuring the ship doing barrel rolls over the desert. But those hoping for a better look at everyone’s favorite intergalactic fixer-upper will probably be disappointed by new images in the latest issue of Fortune.

Although the Millennium Falcon appears in full on the front cover, its splendor is obscured by the head of Disney CEO Bob Iger, whose melon is plopped in front of the image we really care about like a CG Ronto blocking a Mos Eisley street in the special edition of A New Hope. Inside the magazine, there’s a second shot of the ship, but it only shows the starboard side that was revealed in the Batmobile video.


So, basically, here are more images that make it difficult to see the full design of a ship that you already know by heart. Enjoy.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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