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The new Invisible Man is an abusive dick who haunts Elisabeth Moss in this trailer

Hey, do you like metaphors? Because director Leigh Whannell’s new take on The Invisible Man for Blumhouse sure seems loaded with a big one. We won’t spoil it, but here’s the basic premise: In the middle of the night, Elisabeth Moss sneaks away from her rich scientist husband (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) because he’s an abusive maniac. At some point after that, the guy kills himself and leaves millions of dollars to Moss’ character, but with one condition: She has to prove that she’s not “mentally incompetent.” Shortly after that, mysterious things start happening around Moss, almost as if she’s being followed and terrorized by—dun dun dun—an Invisible Man. But obviously nobody would believe that, right? There’s no such thing as Invisible Mans, and nobody else ever sees this abuse she believes she’s experiencing, so maybe the woman accusing her wealthy, upstanding husband really is “mentally incompetent”?


Get it? Because it’s not very subtle. It is a clever take, though, and it’s not like anyone ever accused Godzilla or any of the other monster/horror movies like this of being subtle. Also, apropos of nothing, remember when Johnny Depp was going to be star in the Dark Universe version of The Invisible Man? It definitely would’ve been a completely different movie, but we just felt like reminiscing about the Dark Universe.

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