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The new Interpol song totally just sounds like Interpol

It’s been nearly three years since we’ve heard anything new from Interpol, and with both drummer Sam Fogarino and singer Paul Banks busying themselves with their Magnetic Morning and Julian Plenti projects, respectively, some fans naturally started to wonder whether the band intended on quietly slipping away and leaving things to their hundreds of regional imitators, not unlike an indie-rock Bozo The Clown. But as Pitchfork reported yesterday, a missive recently went out from the band claiming, “We’re stirring,” and directing folks to its official website, where you can download a new song called “Lights” in exchange for an e-mail address. In a late-2009 interview with Paste, Fogarino claimed that the new album would recall the sound of Interpol’s debut, Turn On The Bright Lights, and while this particular song doesn’t totally bear that out, it’s unmistakably Interpol—full of reverb-laden guitar and moody vocals (Banks even goes back to his favorite word, “dear”), and only a hint of the keyboard washes that have colored the last couple of albums. The record is supposedly due out in "early 2010," which means you better quit shopping at Barney's and get a move on, dudes.

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