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The new Hereditary trailer has an unsettling Etsy page to go along with it

We’ve been beating the drum about upcoming horror film Hereditary for a while now. First it was the film’s premiere at Sundance, then the nightmarish follow-up screening at SXSW to haunt lucky(?) viewers. But there’s a good reason we keep talking it up: The damn thing is absolutely terrifying. And now there’s a new trailer to remind you.


Unlike the first trailer, with its bevy of enthusiastic endorsements and slow-burn tease of the horrors to come, this new one has a very clear focus: Charlie, the quiet and withdrawn daughter of Toni Collette and Gabriel Byrne’s still-grieving parents (Charlie’s grandmother has just died.) Beginning with a brief shot of the odd little creatures Charlie likes to assemble in her free time, this new trailer implies something is very wrong in this house: Not only in the suggestion that the relationship between Charlie and her mother might be tainted somehow, but in the idea there’s something about Charlie that’s causing real trauma—the kind you can’t identify or explain, but is there, and slowly getting worse. Again, we don’t want to create impossible expectations, but this is one of the scariest movies we’ve seen in a long time.

And because there’s no horror film that can’t add a secondary layer of creepy outside the confines of celluloid, a new Etsy page in Charlie’s name sprung up this morning, offering several of her disturbing creations for sale. Much like the unnerving dolls left outside the rooms of those who saw the movie at SXSW, this marketing campaign is going out of its way to create some real-world chills in preparation of the movie’s release. There appear to be some clues about the film’s narrative in the images for those willing to investigate, but be warned: Bird lovers may not like what they see.