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The new Hellboy trailer has Nazis, blood, were-jaguars, and all the badass witches and F-bombs you could want

Freshly emboldened with a brand new pottymouth to go with his “strong right hand,” David Harbour’s Hellboy got a much-hyped new trailer this evening, showing off plenty of new footage of Neil Marshall’s take on the big red pancake fan.

And boy is it some bloody, delightfully excessive stuff: Freed up with that good, old-fashioned red band, the new trailer lays on the gratuitous violence thick, making sure we know just how bloody and R-rated this thing is going to be. Along the way we also get a snippet of Hellboy’s origin story, plus the central dilemma driving the plot: Milla Jovovich’s all-powerful witch Nimue wants to get hitched with him, bringing about the end of the world, and he’s honestly looking kind of tempted. All that and were-jaguars, nasty language, and Nazis in magical 3D glasses: Say what you like about the tone the reboot is taking, but Marshall’s movie is pretty clear about what kind of Hellboy story it wants to be. It arrives in theaters on April 12.

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