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It was probably ridiculous for anyone to expect a musical adaptation of Daniel Waters’ 1988 cult movie Heathers to be really good, per se, but somehow we held out hope. That is until a six-minute clip from the show’s media preview hit the net, once again reminding the world that not every beloved movie needs to be a musical.

You can see for yourself in the clip below, in which, among other questionable transitions, it seems the romance between Veronica and J.D. has been turned into a traditional love story, complete with a song about how “if you could let me in, I could be good with you.” Meanwhile, the opening sequence is a big choreographed number involving hot pants and an arbor of outstretched lunch trays. Then there’s the famous line “I love my dead gay son,” which is now its very own song. Granted, we haven’t seen the whole thing, and maybe it all works in context, but so far it looks like one of the darkest comedies of the ’80s has been transformed into a bad episode of Glee.


Heathers: The Musical premieres March 15 at New York’s New World Stages.

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