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The new Gorillaz album is apparently ready to go

Damon Albarn (Photo: Getty Images via Corbis, Michael Hurcomb)

Though Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett were pretty clearly teasing some new Gorillaz material last year, we haven’t actually heard much from the semi-fictional band except for “Hallelujah Money” back in January. A new record is supposedly on the way, but neither Albarn and Hewlett or the cartoon characters who make up the band have said much else.

Until now, that is. According to Consequence Of Sound, a Gorillaz fan recently bumped into Albarn and got him to reveal that the Gorillaz album is “finished” and that he and the rest of the (human) band members are currently rehearsing for a new tour:


Consequence Of Sound also notes that Albarn’s drummer shared a photo on Instagram that seems to back this up, suggesting that something really is finally happening with the Gorillaz:

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