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The second reboot of Friday The 13th keeps lumbering around over at Paramount like a mindless killer on the hunt for teenagers. The latest news from Camp Crystal Lake is that Brett Eisner—who dipped his toes in the remake waters with his take on George Romero’s The Crazies—is currently in talks to direct the 13th Friday film. Eisner’s dad, Michael, ran Paramount during the days when the Friday The 13th films were considered an embarrassment that made the studio tons of money. (Michael Eisner eventually took over as CEO of Disney from 1984 until 2005.)

There’s no script in place for the new Jason flick, although producer Brad Fuller has revealed that the film will feature a new origin tale for Crystal Lake’s favorite masked man. While Jason Voorhees is a perennial figure in pop culture, it’s been seven years since the Crystal Lake slasher last provided his take on saying “no” to drugs and abstinence-only sex education. The next installment in the franchise could go a couple of ways: It could try something new, similar to the meta-humor director Tom McLoughlin added to 1986’s Jason Lives or John Carl Buechler’s take on “Carrie vs. Jason” with The New Blood. Or it could take a back-to-basics approach with Jason doing what Jason does best—killing teenagers, possibly in the snow (the thought of Jason finally appearing on an actual ice rink is too good to pass up). Most slasher enthusiasts can agree on one thing, though—they don’t want found footage.


Friday The 13th, which will probably feature a lame subtitle, doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’ll presumably be on a Friday the 13.

[Via Deadline]

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