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The new Ecto-1 is to die for in this Ghostbusters featurette


The latest featurette from the upcoming Ghostbusters film focuses not on the ladies themselves or even on their hunky but dumb assistant played by Chris Hemsworth. Instead, it’s all about their car, with the two-minute video focusing on how the iconic Ecto-1 has been rebooted for the upcoming reboot. While the vehicle in the 1984 original was modeled on an old ambulance, this version starts out as a hearse. Leslie Jones’ Patty Tolan borrows it from her uncle and it’s up to Kate McKinnon’s Jillian Holtzmann to revamp it into a proper ghost-busting vehicle.

In addition to showing off the car and featuring behind-the-scenes footage, the video also offers a glimpse of some sweet Paul Feig suits, which the directors wears to set everyday. The talking heads, meanwhile, drill home the idea that even though this version of the Ecto-1 is different, that doesn’t automatically make it bad. It’s almost as if the cast and crew have had some experience with people irrationally hating a new version of something. As Leslie Jones puts it, “I think it’s going to satisfy the tastebuds of the people who enjoy the original, and then they’ll love this one too.” The car, that is.


[via io9]

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