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The new crop of (fake) Love Is Blind contestants is ready to get that wife

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If there’s an upside to trapping pretty much everybody on the planet in their homes for several weeks, it’s that it’s led some of the more creative among us to really flex their muscles when it comes to their artistic pursuits. As we’re so frequently reminded on social media, Shakespeare supposedly wrote King Lear while under quarantine; meanwhile, Nick Ciarelli and Brad Evans write online comedy sketches where Tool cover bands canvas for new drummers to replace their previous dead one, and Love Is Blind contestants brag about the number of previous “experiments” they’ve participated in. Who’s to say which of these is the more artistically important effort? Us, that’s who, and we like the one that has Carl Tart chanting “Get. That. Wife.”

Tart stars in the video alongside Ciarelli, Evans, and fellow Comedy Bang Bang regular Drew Tarver, offering up their fictional audition tapes for the upcoming second season of Love Is Blind. (The Netflix dating phenomenon that dares to ask whether shallowness can extend past people’s appearances, and into their very souls.) As might be expected from the guys who brought us the “Moves Like Bloomberg” phenomenon (plus any number of other viral comedy hits), it’s a pure dose of raw and uncut silliness—although we have to admit to a special affection for Tart’s Richard, a self-starter with a taste for John Gotti T-shirts and lying to his future wife.

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