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The new Bloodborne trailer features fresh faces and a fresh release date

Straight from the Tokyo Game Show, Sony has released another trailer for Bloodborne, the PlayStation 4 exclusive from the makers of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. The new video ends with a North American release date for the game: February 6, 2015. Along with that exciting news, the trailer is filled with lots of new Bloodborne sights. It offers a glimpse at the game’s multiplayer, plenty of new and horrifying monsters, and it’s the first time Sony and From Software have shown off environments other than the narrow streets of the game’s central dirty, plague-ridden city. Here we get to see a dirty, plague-ridden forest; a dirty, plague-ridden cemetery; and what looks like a remote village that has been engulfed in flames but was probably at one point dirty and plague-ridden.


Also of note, this new trailer finally shows off a playable character with a unique weapon and clothes. After all of the initial Bloodborne footage and images starred the same person—that one with the cool hat and transforming scythe thing—the developers had to come out and say that, yes, Bloodborne’s characters will be fully customizable like those of past Souls games. One of the new trailer’s hunters shows off a stylish crow-inspired ensemble that features a beautiful feathered coat and a plague doctor mask. It’s a great look.

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