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The new Billions trailer has Malkovich, happy dances, and the angriest sandwich eating we've ever seen

The most recent season of Showtime’s “bad people played by great actors give good-to-decent speeches” series Billions ended on an incredibly intriguing cliffhanger, putting Paul Giamatti’s Chuck, Damian Lewis’ Axe, and Maggie Siff’s Wendy on the same side in the show’s tumultuous, backstabbing-prone history. The new trailer for the show’s upcoming fourth season makes good on those promises, showing off a world in which the show’s biggest rivals are now buddies, arrayed against folks like Asia Kate Dillon’s Taylor and John Malkovich, reprising his latest trip into the Accent Box as Russian investor Grigor Andolov.

It’s all typically lurid and juicy, as Chuck attempts to score his dream job as attorney general, and Axe tries to beat an opponent that is both smarter, and more ruthless than himself. All of which is well and good, but we have to admit to a certain level of distraction; we find ourselves repeatedly drifting back to the moment 54 seconds into the trailer, when Toby Leonard Moore’s Connerty is so mad at Chuck that he eats a big sandwich with more anger than any person we have ever seen bring to meat and cheese on bread in our lives.



Billions returns on Showtime on March 17.

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