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The new Bill & Ted movie is really happening, dudes

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We’ve been hearing about plans for a third Bill & Ted movie for years, with series co-creator Ed Solomon sharing details about his plot ideas back in January, but he noted that everyone involved—including original stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter—were having trouble getting the project financed because studios were more interested in rebooting the series with younger actors. Now, though, The Hollywood Reporter says the new sequel is definitely happening, and it’s currently being shopped around at Cannes by MGM and production company Bloom.

The THR story says Solomon and his fellow co-creator Chris Matheson have written a script, Galaxy Quest’s Dean Parisot is confirmed as the director, and that the title will be Bill & Ted Face The Music. Reeves and Winter will be reprising their roles as time-traveling rockers Ted and Bill, with the new film opening with the two of them as middle-aged parents who are trying to write a song that can save the very fabric of space and time. Luckily, they’ll have some help from “a visitor from the future,” their daughters, various historical figures, and “some sympathetic music legends.”

THR expects Bill & Ted to be “one of the buzziest films” at Cannes, so it should just be a matter of time before somebody starts throwing money at this.

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