Screenshot: Youtube

A new supercut by the short filmmakers and pop culture fans at CinemaRaven displays the criminally excessive use of a particular bass drop in dozens of recent movie trailers. Whether Dominic Toretto is turning his back on his family or Lightning McQueen is leaving racing behind him, nearly every trailer marks the dramatic turn with a similar deep bass tone that dips into an inaudible rumble. Listen for yourself below:

While the musical sting isn’t identical in each clip, the effect the filmmakers (or more likely studio heads) were going for remains the same. Amidst the non-stop action of a modern blockbuster trailer, the audience apparently needs a moment to stop and remind themselves, “This is dramatic and I’m aware of that because of the scary bass noise!” And though it may not be as in-your-face as the Hans Zimmer “BRAAAAAM” or the hit-you-over-the-head meta jokes of recent comedies, if this trend keeps going the way it is the movie trailers of the future will consist of six dubstep drops and a character looking into the camera saying “Here we go again!” But really, what more do you need?