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The new Arcade Fire record may or may not be titled Reflektor

The new Arcade Fire record or single or something may or may not be titled “Reflektor.” Over the past few days, graffiti has popped up in a few cities bearing a diamond within a circle coupled with the word “reflektor.” Two of the artists responsible for creating the pieces have claimed it’s tied to a campaign for the new Arcade Fire record, and that Reflektor is, supposedly, the title of the band’s new LP, which is out Oct. 29. An Instagram account under the name Reflektor has also popped up, along with a video of someone doing the reflektor graffiti in a jacket that a conspiracy theory-happy Consequence Of Sound commenter noted looks a lot like one that Win Butler’s been photographed in. The video was also apparently played on the video screens between bands at the Lollapalooza and Osheaga festivals this past weekend.

A website called TheReflektors has also been created. It hosts the same cryptic Instagram video.


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