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The NBA Finals momentarily distracted Cleveland’s Pornhub users

(Photo Illustration: Nick Wanserski/Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Cleveland’s long dry spell between sports championships finally came to an end on Sunday when Lebron James led the Cavaliers to victory over the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. Fans were thrilled, of course, posting congratulatory notices on social media and extinguishing the sage or whatever they were burning to rid themselves of the town’s “sports curse.” According to The Daily Dot, the momentous occasion was even enough to tear porn aficionados away from their crusty lap desks, though not for long.

Pornhub ponied up the data, revealing that Cleveland traffic to the site had dropped by 47% by the end of the NBA championship game. This was the lowest point of the evening—in terms of Cleveland traffic, not life—though there was a 20% decline between the tip-off and the end of the first half. Pornhub even posted this handy graph, which compares “fap time” to “clap time”:

(Image: Pornhub)

But once the public revelry was over for the night, Cavs fans returned to Pornhub and drove its traffic up to 20% above average on Sunday. Meanwhile, in the San Francisco Bay area, tissues were being used to dry all manner of secretions, as dejected Golden State fans sought solace in some simulated sex, sending traffic up to about 10% above average.

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