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The Mythbusters created a game to be played inside the International Space Station

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman used their legendary problem solving powers and MacGyver-esque construction skills to devise with a new way to keep the International Space Station astronauts entertained during their downtime. The Mythbusters duo spoke to Commander Chris Hadfield on their "Tested" YouTube show to find out how the astronauts use their free time. Hadfield said that when they aren't working, cleaning, eating or sleeping, they sometimes play games to pass the time. Unfortunately, a lack of play space and gravity makes it difficult to play the sports and games we Earthlings take for granted. So Savage and Hyneman came up with an ingenious way to play catch in a zero gravity environment with a ball that uses air to put a spin on each throw and once again proves that duct tape is truly a divine miracle. [via Mental Floss]

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