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It appears that our days of grappling with anthropomorphized pieces of fabric are not yet over as Collider reports that the felt abominations known as Muppets will once more be a regular presence on your TV screen. (“Don’t even think about trying to call the characters on Sesame Street ‘Muppets,’” a grizzled old fan of the original series thinks. “We’re talking real-deal Muppets here, not some bullshit Elmo-come-lately.”) Disney is bringing a short-form series to the Disney Junior channel, called Muppets Moments, starting Friday, April 3.


Despite the obvious assumption that a series of shorts about inanimate, glued-together felt coming to life and teaching children to do stuff would be correctly labelled “horror” television, the show will supposedly be quite mild. Disney describes it as “a series of amusing conversations between Muppets and young kids about everyday topics including ‘apologies,’ ‘favorite foods’ and ‘manners.’” The company doesn’t say whether other topics will include “dealing with Muppets-inspired night terrors,” but the concept seems inevitable. The first four shorts will run between 8-10 a.m. ET on the first day, with new ones appearing daily through May 8. Further episodes will continue to air throughout 2015, as well as be available online.

As an added bonus, Disney has released some footage of various Muppets auditioning for roles. It’s probably meant to be a charming demonstration that these characters have lost none of their charm, but for some of us, it’s just a reminder that when Miss Piggy talks, her nose looks like the top of a Keurig coffee machine opening.

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