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While certain bands that called Lookout Records home in the mid-’90s have done plenty to tarnish their legacies—punching women and being overtly racist can do that—The Mr. T Experience has been able to solider on by not being an active band. A couple years back the band released its first new song in conjunction with lead singer/guitarist Frank Portman’s book, King Dork Approximately. Now Portman is reprising his Dr. Frank moniker—and the band it’s synonymous with—to release King Dork Approximately: The Album, with a Mr. T Experience tour to go along with it. The A.V. Club is premiering the video for “High School Is The Penalty For Transgressions Yet To Be Specified,” which sees the band offering up a folky pop song that fits into the book’s themes of alienation, awkwardness, and fighting robots.


Starting today, ordering the paperback edition of King Dork Approximately comes with a free download of the accompanying album, which also has a vinyl release planned for 2017.

The Mr. T Experience tour dates

10/7—DNA Lounge—San Francisco
10/8—Blue Lamp—Sacramento, CA
11/12—The Constellation Room—Santa Ana, CA
11/13—Redwood Bar—Los Angeles, CA
12/9—Reggies—Chicago, IL
12/10—Lyric Room—Green Bay, WI

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