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The Mountain Goats announce Goths, a record about—you guessed it—goths

The Mountain Goats (Photo: Getty Images/C Brandon)

Only a couple weeks after the release of his latest book, Universal Harvester, John Darnielle has announced a new record by his longstanding band The Mountain Goats. Titled Goths and coming May 19 on Merge Records, the tracklist and first single suggests that Goths, like Beat The Champ before it, puts its premise right there in the title. The lead single is “Andrew Eldritch Is Moving Back To Leeds,” and while it doesn’t sound particularly dark and gloomy, the song itself is about Sisters Of Mercy frontman Andrew Eldritch returning to his old haunts, which can be pretty depressing in its own right. The song is streaming now on Bandcamp, and the band has promised more information about it in a Facebook live announcement that’s happening at 4 p.m. ET.


Goths tracklist

“Rain In Soho”
“Andrew Eldritch Is Moving Back To Leeds”
“The Grey King And The Silver Flame Attunement”
“We Do It Different On The West Coast”
“Unicorn Tolerance”
“Stench Of The Unburied”
“Wear Black”
“Paid In Cocaine”
“Rage Of Travers”
“For the Portuguese Goth Metal Bands”
“Abandoned Flesh”


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