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The Mountain from Game Of Thrones is now Europe’s Strongest Man

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Some news stories are so surprising that they deserve to be told to as many people as possible, some are so obvious that reporting them at all seems unnecessary, and some just seem so right that it’s a wonder they didn’t happen before. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson—The Mountain from Game Of Thrones—winning the Europe’s Strongest Man competition actually seems to fit into all three. It’s surprising because he’s a guy from TV, it’s obvious because he’s a massively huge guy from TV, and it’s right because we all saw him squish a man’s head like a grape a few months ago. Sure, that wasn’t real, but after seeing the highlight reel that News Of Iceland recently posted, it’s a safe bet that he could also do it in real life.


Björnsson’s feats of strength are certainly impressive, but the best part of his run in the Europe’s Strongest Man competition—as pointed out by Uproxx—can be seen at the two-minute mark in the video below. After doing well in an event, Björnsson ripped off his shirt and screamed “I am the future of strength as I am the king of the stones,” which is basically the perfect thing to shout in that moment. Now let’s all go to the comments and discuss the best situations to declare ourselves the future of strength and the king of the stones. We think meeting in-laws for the first time would be a good one.

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