After helping mercifully wrap up a nine-season romantic saga, Cristin Milioti will launch a brand-new TV relationship. The titular “Mother” in CBS’s How I Met Your Mother has been cast as the co-lead in the NBC sitcom pilot A To Z—one of several producing projects that Rashida Jones recently sold. The State’s Michael Patrick Jann will direct the pilot for the series that also features a high-concept romance, telling the story of the relationship between “Andrew” (who’s yet to be cast) and “Zelda” (Milioti) from first meeting to breakup.

Milioti’s new role is a far cry from her delightful, ukelele-playing Mother, as Deadline describes Zelda as “’the realist’ in this relationship, a lawyer at a small, public-advocacy law firm. Alternately serious and hilarious, Zelda believes she controls her own destiny, loves being a grown-up, and doesn’t understand why anyone over 20 would go see an animated movie or eat ice cream sundaes.” No ice cream sundaes or animated movies? No wonder these two have problems. Here’s hoping it won’t take Andrew and Zelda nine whole seasons to figure them out.