Screenshot: Facebook

It is the year of our lord 2017. Virtual reality is real and it works. Self-driving cars are just on the horizon. You can have anything you want delivered to your door in about a single day. All the music and TV and film you could ever desire is at your fingertips for a small monthly fee or two. You carry in your pocket a supercomputer capable of marshaling all the world’s information to the fore, allowing you to connect in real-time with friends, family members, celebrities, even world leaders. What, in aggregate, do the people cry out for?

Organizational hacks! Things to do with coat hangers! Underwear in baby wipe dispensers!

The above video, produced by the female-focused lifestyle publisher Blossom, has been shared 10.1 million times on Facebook and viewed 307 million times in the four weeks since it was created. (By point of comparison, Chewbacca Mom was shared 3.4 million times.) It tells you how to store clothes over some music that sounds like it was invented in a universe where Lou Bega’s “Mambo No. 5” is held in the same esteem as The Beatles. While the exact usefulness of some of these storage ideas seems dubious at best, by all means, if these solutions seem like the way to de-clutter, have at them. Someone is going to get 20 million shares in 2018 with a jauntily produced video about what to do with all of your felt webs of socks, though.