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The Morbius movie becomes a Jared party as Jared Harris joins Jared Leto

Photo: John Sciulli (Getty Images for AMC)

Attention, actors named Jared: It’s finally your time to shine! According to Deadline, Jared Harris from Mad Men, The Crown, and one of those Sherlock Holmes movies has joined Jared Leto in Sony’s Morbius—a spin-off of the Spider-Man brand that, like Venom, will probably be unrelated to the actual Spider-Man movies. Matt Smith will also be in the movie, even though his name is not Jared, so hopefully there’ll still be room in the cast for Jared Padalecki, the jewelry store Jared, and a third famous Jared (other than, you know, the only other famous Jared we can think of).

Now that the joke has taken an unfortunate turn, let’s move on: Morbius is about a scientist who tries to cure his fatal blood disease with what is essentially the bat version of Spider-Man’s origin story. Instead of getting super strength and the ability to stick to stuff, though, Michael Morbius basically turns into a vampire (right down to the thirst for blood and the fondness for wearing black leather and high collars). Leto is playing Morbius himself, but all other roles are being kept under wraps, so we don’t know who Harris will be playing. We previously joked that Matt Smith might be playing Spider-Man, so we’re going to make that same joke again and predict that Jared Harris will also be playing Spider-Man. It’s not like a movie can’t have more than one Spider-Man, and it already has more than one Jared.


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