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The Monster Squad gets its due when edited into a Suicide Squad-style trailer

Illustration for article titled iThe Monster Squad/i gets its due when edited into a iSuicide Squad/i-style trailer

The Monster Squad is a seminal film for many people growing up in the ’80s. Its simple “The Goonies meets Universal monsters” premise proved to be excellent training wheels for burgeoning horror hounds. Released in 1987, it has a cult following of those who were raised on it and others who’ve discovered it along the way. Now there’s a newly recut trailer that injects it with plenty of action and interest thanks to Suicide Squad.

Yes, Suicide Squad—apparently all that was needed to combine the two was the shared word “Squad.” But YouTube user ThatMattCaronGuy was inspired by the new Suicide Squad trailer, and its use of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” to make this new trailer for The Monster Squad. Matt Caron doesn’t just use the Queen song and leave it at that. He also copies all of the cuts and edits on action and produces an excellent copy of the Suicide Squad trailer using only footage from the 1987 juvenile horror film. It’s an impressive feat that makes The Monster Squad seem even more action-packed than it is.

And, for those interested to see just how well the two trailers sync up with each other, Caron also provided a side-by-side comparison video that shows how closely he was able to hit the similar beats using scenes from The Monster Squad.

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