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The Monster Squad documentary, Wolfman's Got Nards, gets new trailer, release date

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For a generation of horror fans, The Monster Squad was a movie that subverted its kid-friendly premise—suburban pre-teens take on the Universal monsters—by pushing the dial further than its contemporaries. It was a stepping stone of sorts, a transitional film for kids growing more and more curious about the horror section of their local video store.

Now, 33 years after its release, the cult classic is getting the documentary treatment with Wolfman’s Got Nards, a movie that, if we’re being honest, really couldn’t have been called anything else. Per a synopsis, the love letter unpacks the movie’s fandom as it offers an “in-depth look into the film’s conception, response, cult status and revival.” Talking heads include director Fred Dekker, writer Shane Black, and actors Ryan Lambert and Ashley Bank, as well as notable fans like Seth Green and Heather Langenkamp. The documentary was directed by Andre Gower, who, as The Monster Squad’s Sean, became an inadvertent fashion icon for indoor kids the world over.


Check out a trailer below:

Wolfman’s Got Nards hits on demand services on October 27.

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