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Suggesting that the Modern Family clan performs together not out of love but a crass desire to be properly compensated for their time and talent, The Hollywood Reporter says that the cast is headed into what could become one of ABC’s tensest TV contract renegotiations in years, pretty much since that time Tim Allen started sending network executives Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ severed toes one by one. That’s because after wrapping yet another highly rated, award-harvesting season, the six adult cast members are said to be “formulating a plan” to ask for significant pay raises across the board —up from $65,000 per episode to as much as $200,000, a number that would put them on par with the similarly lucrative Big Bang Theory cast. Of course, there ABC only had to come up with $200,000 apiece for three people; thus, the sprawling Modern Family ensemble’s plan might also involve “accidentally” dropping Emmys everywhere. How ever it eventually goes down, THR’s gossipy source believes that negotiations with the cast will likely stretch into the summer, and that pretty soon “it’s going to get ugly”—and that’s not even yet taking into account that Baby Lily tends to make her point by stubbing out lit cigarettes on people’s foreheads.


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