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The Minnesota Timberwolves are giving away copies of the first season of Girls to women who attend games

The Minnesota Timberwolves know what girls want. Or at least they think they know. The basketball team is doing a ladies night promotion for four upcoming games where, for a mere $18, women attendees will get a ticket to the game, a glass of wine, beer, or soda, and a DVD copy of season one of Girls. None of the aforementioned games include the Brooklyn Nets, but, hey, at least the team's not giving away Sex And The City. And doesn't strong center Nikola Petkovic kind of look like Adam Driver in the picture above? No? No.

The giveaway is being sponsored by a local spa and, weirdly, “the HBO hit series Girls,” meaning that someone, somewhere in the HBO or Girls marketing camps though that giving away DVDs of a racy, fairly edgy show at a poorly attended basketball game would be a good idea.


Good luck not spending the rest of your day trying to figure out which one of the Girls girls would even know or care how basketball actually works. We’re betting that Jessa has at least slept with a basketball player, though. He was probably from one of those weird European leagues, though, and not the actual NBA. [via Uproxx]

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