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Proving that the modern dating scene doesn’t solely comprise dudes trying to score with the help of other dudes, Deadline reports that ABC has just bought a comedy about a lady-killing lady (figuratively, that is) from The Mindy Project’s Ed Weeks. Wing Person was written by Weeks and his writing partner, Hannah Mackay (Peep Show), and will focus on the “co-dependent relationship between a lesbian lothario and her cautious, straight male best friend.” Based off that description, the titular wing person could be either of them or even both of them, just at different times throughout the series. We imagine the first few episodes will see the female friend primarily helping out her sad-sack pal, only to have him teach her a thing or two in a very special, two-part episode. And if one of the friends also turns out to be a fry cook, that means the title is already delivering on the double-entendre action that Wing Person is sure to see.