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The Mindy Project is losing another cast member. Zoe Jarman, who plays the naïve, Danny-obsessed receptionist Betsy Putch, will not return as a series regular for the show’s third season. It’s unclear whether this was Jarman’s decision or the show’s, but given that TV Line says Jarman’s been “asked to guest star,” and that she’s had increasingly diminished time on screen as the show’s developed, it’s probably the latter.


In the first season, Betsy was the center of a number of storylines, but with the second season more focused on the show’s central cast of doctors (and Dr. Mindy Lahiri’s ever-rotating cast of boyfriends), there’s been less screen time available for the ancillary players who aren’t weird old lady receptionist Beverly, Tamra, the nurse who’s dating Ray-Ron, or the ex-con with a heart of gold, Morgan Tookers.

Prior to today’s news, Jarman was one of only four original series regulars remaining on The Mindy Project, with the others being Mindy Kaling, Chris Messina, and Ed Weeks. Anna Camp and Amanda Setton both left partway through the first season.

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