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The Messengers’ Anna Diop to play the hero’s (probably doomed) wife on the new 24

Quantico (Photo: Getty Images)

Having recently gone through the various angel-based tribulations of The CW’s now-canceled Bibleish show The Messengers, actress Anna Diop will now have to face the only thing more dangerous than a flaming meteor full of hot, sexy devil men: playing the wife of the hero on a season of 24. Diop has joined the cast of 24: Legacy, where she’ll star opposite Corey Hawkins as his character’s spouse, a character who is almost certainly doomed.

Hawkins is playing Eric Carter, a returning Army hero who must convince perpetual counterterrorism bunglers CTU—and their retired boss, played by co-lead Miranda Otto—that he has information relating to an upcoming attack on American soil. Said convincing will presumably involve a lot of running, shouting, and, inevitably, mourning, whenever Diop’s character, Nicole, is swept up and spat out by Carter’s bathroom-defying crusade.


The Messengers was Diop’s first major TV role, where she joined such luminaries as The Seventh Seal’s Bengt Ekerot and Angel from the X-Men in her role as Death, horseman of the apocalypse. She also showed up last year on Quantico, and is currently listed as part of the cast of the OWN series Greenleaf, an in-production series about the corrupt dealings behind a massive megachurch. That role is listed as recurring, which should give her plenty of time to show up on 24—at least, until she gets shot in the head, or menaced by a cougar, or whatever other familial indignities the show’s writers can cook up for her character to undergo.

[via Deadline]

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