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The men of Moonlight are, um, moonlighting as Calvin Klein models

Photo: Clavin Klein

Regardless of whatever the hell went down last night at the Oscars, the cast of Moonlight will always have one thing that La La Land can’t spoil for them: They look great in their underwear. And we’re not just saying that. No less of an authority on the subject than Calvin Klein agrees, recruiting the film’s main male cast—Mahershala Ali, Alex Hibbert, Ashton Sanders, and Trevante Rhodes—to serve as models for its Spring 2017 men’s underwear campaign, as well as dressing them in Calvin Klein suits for last night’s ceremony.

The campaign was launched this morning to coincide with the Oscars and features the cast in varying levels of undress, from an age-appropriate T-shirt for the youngest Chiron, 12-year-old Alex Hibbert, to 27-year-old Trevante Rhodes relaxing in a pair of black Clavin Klein briefs. The full campaign, which also features magazine-style profiles of each of the actors, is now up on the Clavin Klein website. We’ve inserted the aforementioned picture of Rhodes in his briefs below, for no particular reason. No reason at all.


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