Oren Kaplan, long-time member and guitarist for Gogol Bordello, recently filed suit on behalf of himself and the rest of the band against lead singer Eugene Hutz. The lawsuit spawns almost entirely from a dispute over money, and specifically the money that Hutz allegedly took from the band's group accounts and moved into accounts only accessible by him. Kaplan also alleges that Hutz took over the business operations of Gogol Bordello without telling anyone, and he arranged a promotional Coca-Cola deal without informing Kaplan.

To make things all the more uncomfortable, according to the lawsuit, “Hutz accomplished this ruse by feigning concern for plaintiff (whose mother had just passed away) and encouraging plaintiff to take an extended leave of absence from the group, during the very time when the group would be recording its song for the Coca-Cola commercial.”


Kaplan and the rest of the group are suing Hutz for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and unjust enrichment, and are seeking $950,000 in damages.