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Photo by Imelda Michalczyk/Redferns/Getty
Photo by Imelda Michalczyk/Redferns/Getty

Noisy hard rockers The Melvins are putting out a new album, and it’s the first one to be super-sized. (Well, unless you count the trilogy of The Maggot, The Bootlicker, and The Crybaby. Or 26 Songs, which is sort of like two records, in a way. Or Lysol, which is only a half-hour but is super-long in the sense that the CD was released as one giant track. You know what? Let’s just move on.) The definitely taciturn and for sure unopinionated and reserved group is putting out the release in two parts: Death, a standalone LP, and Love, which is the score to a short film directed by Jesse Nieminen, also titled A Walk With Love And Death. Coming out July 7, it features guest appearances from Le Butcherette’s Teri Gender Bender (also part of the recent Melvins-inclusive supergroup Crystal Fairy), Pixies’ Joey Santiago, and That Dog’s Anna Waronker.

A Walk With Love and Death Track List

1. “Aim High”
2. “Queen Powder Party”
3. “Street Level St. Paul”
4. “The Hidden Juice”
5. “Give it to Me”
6. “Chicken Butt”
7. “Eat Yourself Out”
8. “Scooba”
9. “Halfway to the Bakersfield Mall”
10. “Pacoima Normal”
11. “Park Head”
12. “T-Burg”
13. “Track Star”
14. “The Asshole Bastard”


1. “Black Heath”
2. “Sober-delic (acid only)“
3. “Euthanasia”
4. “What’s Wrong With You”
5. “Edgar the Elephant”
6. “Christ Hammer”
7. “Flaming Creature”
8. “Cactus Party”
9. “Cardboro Negro”

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