The Melker Project is known for mashing up the weirdest musical bedfellows. For instance, DJ Scott Melker’s last EP, Ballin’ Oates, blended together the stylings of Hall And Oates with Wu-Tang Clan, T.I., and Kanye West. It was weird, but that good kind of Internet weird that especially makes sense in the ‘00s. Melker’s continued on that path with his new EP, Trill Collins, which is streaming exclusively below. As Melker told The A.V. Club, the making of Trill Collins was a daunting task, “as a number of Phil [Collins’] songs are basically rock/pop perfection, particularly “In The Air Tonight.” Amen, brother.

The Melker Project is playing a couple dates this spring, including Uproxx’s SXSW party in Austin on March 12. He’ll also be at Broccoli City Fest in Washington D.C. April 19 and on the Roof At The Wit in Chicago April 26.