If the purpose of last week's raid on Megaupload was to frighten the proprietors of other file-sharing sites, then it's time to dust off that old "Mission Accomplished" banner still sitting in government storage. Many other file-sharing services have either taken steps to crackdown on piracy, or they've gone ahead and closed themselves down before the government does it for them. Filesonic, Fileserve, FileJungle, and UploadStation won't let users download anything they didn't first upload themselves, while 4shared, VideoBB, and VideoZer no longer offer incentives for users who store the most content on their sites. (These sites have even started deleting accounts.) UploadBox and x7.to are among the sites that have elected to cease operations altogether.

But not everybody is giving up just yet. Some sites are now setting up shop in safe havens abroad like Russia, including Anonyupload.com, a Megaupload knock-off started by the hackers collective Anonymous. Along with China, Russia ranks as the worst piracy offender on the United States Trade Representative's yearly Priority Watch List. [via the New York Times]

UPDATE: On its Twitter feed—or at least what's supposed to be its Twitter feed—Anonymous doesn't take credit for Anonyupload.com, nor does it disavow the site. "You will have to test it yourself," it says. So, obviously proceed with caution here.