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The McDonald’s butt cup has reached its logical conclusion, and it is disgusting

Screenshot: YouTube (via Sprudge / Zachary Carlsen)

Look, McDonald’s just wanted to say it’s cold out. There’s snow falling, it’s wintertime, there are holidays to celebrate. Let’s build a snowman! Mittens not only do the important work of keeping your hands warm, they are also adorable—let’s put some of those on our new, holiday-centric cups!

As people throughout the internet have noted, those innocent gloves also look like a butt. In particular, they look like a butt with two hands on the side of it, as if the butt is being held. Draw a couple of fingers where the mitten thumbs used to be, and you’ve got a bent-over butt—the type of vantage point of the human posterior generally captured by photocopiers rather than fast-food restaurants.


Twitterati found comparisons ranging from high art—


—to low art.


Still, this is the sort of ribbing corporate entities endure in the age of Twitter. After all the flack Airbnb got over its logo in 2014, they stuck with it. But, while the McDonald’s logo was just a quick pen squiggle away from looking irrefutably like an ass, it was also one pen prick away from looking like a much worse ass.

That’s right: McDonald’s has somehow brought Goatse to Christmas. Coffee will never be the same.


[via Metafilter]

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