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Ensuring that soon, no D-list British celebrity with a minor modicum of singing talent will be safe (from the opportunity to pull a paycheck for at least a couple of weeks), THR reports tonight that The Masked Singer will soon be coming to U.K. shores. Yes, British readers, soon you, too, will be able to thrill in the experience of watching a bunch of anonymous people dance around in costumes that are way more interesting than their own public personas, sitting on the edge of your seats and waiting for the moment when the mask comes off, and Donny Osmond (or whoever the British equivalent of Donny Osmond is—Prince Charles, possibly?) is revealed to the collective shrugs of the world.

Combining a mediocre guessing game with a mediocre singing competition, The Masked Singer was a pretty hefty hit for Fox over the last year, being one of the network’s best performing unscripted debuts in years. More impressively, it managed to hold on to those numbers throughout the season, even though, logically, you would think audiences would start to bail around the time Rumer Willis took off her big fancy lion mask.


The Masked Singer has already been renewed for a new season in the U.S. The show is originally based on a South Korean TV concept, and will now presumably continue to metastasize across the globe.

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