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The Mary Tyler Moore Show house is on the market

(Image: Landmark Photography)

Here’s one for anyone looking to take their Mary Tyler Moore nostalgia to the ultimate level (and also have a few million dollars burning a hole in their pockets): the Minneapolis-area mansion that served as the exterior for Mary Richards’ home on The Mary Tyler Moore Show is out on the housing market. The house is located in the Minnesota city’s upscale Kenwood Avenue neighborhood, and features a sauna, seven bedrooms, and high ceilings, presumably ideal for anybody’s enthusiastic hat-throwing needs.

The house’s iconic TV status was apparently something of a bother for its previous owners, who dissuaded the show from continuing to film there by putting an “Impeach Nixon” sign in Mary’s supposed window. (Hence her move to an nondescript apartment building in the show’s fifth year.) The Kenwood Avenue house went on the market back in 2012, and currently features an asking price of $1.695 million.


[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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