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The Marvel movies are skipping Comic-Con, but something just as good will be there instead

Marvel’s Iron Fist
Marvel’s Iron Fist
Photo: Patrick Harbron (Netflix)

Hey, do you like the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Do you love watching Captain America banter with Iron Man and the Black Widow while they engage in thrilling, high-quality superhero action? Do you enjoy dramatic, mind-blowing teases for their future adventures, possibly with a big reveal or two of new footage for movies that aren’t out yet? Well, none of that stuff is going to be at San Diego Comic-Con this year, as Marvel Studios won’t have a presentation for the first time since 2015. Thankfully, superhero fans will still be getting something almost just as good: Iron Fist, the fourth or fifth-best Marvel show on Netflix (depending on how you feel about The Punisher and not counting The Defenders).

That may be disappointing, but it will also give Iron Fist a chance to shine for once without being overshadowed by its bigger and better superhero siblings in the MCU, which means Marvel fans who haven’t given the show a chance might be able to learn what makes Iron Fist special. Did you know it stars Finn Jones as a rich white guy who is really good at martial arts? And also his hand glows and he can punch stuff really hard when it does? That sounds fun, right? It sometimes is!

Now, before you get excited and think that maybe Iron Fist’s cooler friends like Daredevil and Jessica Jones might join him at Comic-Con, we should point out that Deadline says Netflix is currently only having “discussions” about a Daredevil panel. The show’s third season is apparently “in the can,” but it doesn’t have a premiere date or anything yet. SDCC would be a good time to change that, and an appearance from ol’ Horn Head would be a lot more interesting than whatever they’re cooking with Iron Fist, but that panel is the only thing confirmed so far.


Again, though, this is totally fine. We’ll all come out of SDCC with a new appreciation for The Immortal Iron Fist and his battles against iconic enemies like…Bullseye? Kang The Conquerer? The Green Goblin? No, none of those are right. But hey, maybe we’ll learn some cool things about Iron Fist at this Comic-Con panel. We better, since HBO has announced that Westworld and Game Of Thrones are skipping the event as well. Iron Fist and Aquaman are pretty much all we’ve got.

San Diego Comic-Con starts on July 19.

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