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The many screams of Wes Craven’s films

Last House On The Left

Wes Craven reinvented horror at least three times across three different decades. First, with the shocking assault on the senses of The Last House On The Left in the ’70s. Next in the ’80s with the supernatural slasher of A Nightmare On Elm Street. And lastly with the metatextual deconstruction of Scream in the ’90s. People are still mourning the horror master’s death at age 76 and recognizing his legacy as an innovator and social commentator in the genre. One tribute to the director is a compilation of all the screams that originated in his films, and probably led to more than a few in the audience as well.

Screencrush put together the montage that encapsulates screams from the many eras of Wes Craven’s filmography, including the three films listed above, plus Deadly Friend, The Serpent And The Rainbow, The People Under The Stairs, My Soul To Take, Shocker, and others. It’s a great reminder of the visceral impact that Craven’s films had; his unique ability to terrify while usually commenting on some aspect of society. While he was always adding some innovation to the genre, he never strayed far from the simple roots of horror that got so many to jolt in their seats and be afraid of the dark.

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