To a generation who grew up watching him in classic comedies like Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day, Bill Murray is more than an actor—he’s a demigod. The many urban legends about Murray, including his mysterious 1-800 number and his purported habit of crashing random house parties, only add to his acolytes’ fervor. Now Canadian artist Steve Murray (no relation, as he’s quick to point out) has produced an appropriately loving tribute to the comedy god: an illustrated collage representing Murray’s 51 feature film roles.

Murray skims over a couple of early voiceover gigs (1975’s Shame Of The Jungle and 1980’s B.C. Rock), but otherwise everything from Meatballs to The Grand Budapest Hotel is represented—even Garfield: A Tail Of Two Kitties. For the obsessive-compulsive fact-checkers following along at home, there’s also a video companion to the collage courtesy of (Steve) Murray’s bosses at The National Post and his co-conspirator Dave Murray (also no relation).