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The Mandalorian has something to say in this new trailer for the Disney+ show

The first trailer for Disney+’s The Mandalorian was a lot of context-free images, establishing a Star Wars-y tone and introducing some of the major players in Jon Favreau’s upcoming show, and tonight Disney dropped a brand new teaser that is... largely the same, but better. See, the first one made you wait until the very end to hear Werner Herzog say some ominous stuff about bounty hunting, but this one lets the soothing tones of Herzog’s character guide us through the galaxy like a particularly gloomy starship. There’s some more action this time around, with Pedro Pascal’s unnamed space-gunslinger dispatching some dudes in a cave and later annihilating a small group of Stormtroopers with a truly unfair level of skill, but then the big moment comes right at the end: The Mandalorian speaks! It doesn’t give us any hints toward the big “spoiler” that has been teased for the show’s first episode, but it’s good to know he won’t be one of those silent cowboy-types.


The Mandalorian will be available on Disney+ at launch on November 12.

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