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The Man In The High Castle casts Stephen Root as its Man In The High Castle

Office Space

Amazon’s Philip K. Dick adaptation The Man In The High Castle has finally cast its mysterious title character, with Deadline reporting that beloved character actor Stephen Root will play the role of well-guarded recluse Hawthorne Abendsen. The character, hidden away in a fortified structure somewhere in the Nazi-controlled United States, was an author in Dick’s 1962 novel, penning a book-within-a-book about an alternate universe where the U.S. and its allies won World War II. Amazon’s series, which returns for a second season on December 16, updated his role for its new visual medium, transforming Abendsen into a propaganda filmmaker instead.

You might remember Root from pretty much everything good, like King Of The Hill, Adventure Time, NewsRadio, The West Wing, Office Space, and an “etc.” that covers most of the great TV of the last 15 years. He’s recently been spending his days on Comedy Central’s Idiotsitter, where he plays the father of the titular idiot.


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