Back before Lionsgate officially put its own gritty Power Rangers reboot into action, filmmakers Adi Shankar and Joseph Kahn released a legally questionable fan film called Power/Rangers. That project managed to get people surprisingly hyped about the Power Rangers—something the actual movie hasn’t really been able to do—so hopefully they’ll be able to get audiences similarly energized with their next project, which also happens to revolve around a touchy subject that people love arguing about on the internet: race relations.

That comes from The Wrap, which says the film will be a “feature-length satire” called Bodied that’s based in “the world of hip-hop rap battles,” though everything beyond that is apparently being kept secret for some reason. Kahn (who was also behind the camera for Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video) will be directing, and he also put the story together with “champion battle rapper” Alex “Kid Twist” Larsen. Shankar, who was a producer on Dredd and The Grey, will be producing.