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The makers of Star Wars Uncut put together a fan-made, shot-by-shot remake of The Empire Strikes Back

Illustration for article titled The makers of iStar Wars Uncut/i put together a fan-made, shot-by-shot remake of iThe Empire Strikes Back/i

Of all the great jobs the internet has ever done, one of the greatest was Star Wars Uncut: a shot-for-shot remake of the sci-fi classic, pieced together from 15-second-long clips, made by individual fans, in wildly varying styles and with wildly varying levels of competence. It was as if millions of nerdy voices all cried out, and those cries were carefully sequenced into a full-length movie with John Williams’ original score added to tie everything together.

Flush from success of making such a sprawling, potentially unwieldy project a reality, the creators of the original video have taken the next logical step: The Empire Strikes Back Uncut. Once again, Star Wars fans of every stripe were invited to participate, and each assigned a very brief piece of the movie to call their own. Which means that, within the span of the same scene, Han Solo can be played by a 40-year-old man, a 14-year-old girl, a Lego minifig, a cardboard cutout, a baby, and a Yorkshire Terrier in a vest. At one point Darth Vader’s fleet of Star Destroyers are played by slices of pizza with two meatballs on top of each, and the immortal line “Obi Wan never told you about your father” is delivered by a cat in a Vader costume.

From baby Yoda to silent-movie Cloud City, you can enjoy a charmingly homemade version of all of your favorite moments from Empire, while working on your Admiral Ackbar costume, as it’s safe to assume Return Of The Jedi Uncut can’t be far behind.

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