All of Channing Tatum’s late-night pondering upon the silent form of Matthew McConaughey, doth teased him out of thought, as doth eternity, as plans for the sequel to Magic Mike seem to be moving apace. Recently Joe Mangianello said he believed the film would shoot in the fall, and now his statement has been backed up (yeah, back dat statement up) with the news that the sequel has both a director and a title, according to The Playlist. The former: Greg Jacobs, longtime assistant director to Steven Soderbergh, who will now move to the big chair, where he’ll sit while big men grind upon him. And the latter: Magic Mike XXL, a nod to the fact that the follow-up finds Channing Tatum’s character having gained an obscene amount of weight, his signature “move” for the ladies now weeping softly. Or maybe it’s a dick joke! There are certainly lots of options that one could debate in the hours after 6 p.m. CT on a Friday while we have a beer.